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Know the costs and benefits:
from an independent source.


Assessing your commercial solar needs is not as simple as reading your energy bill. Our advanced cloud-based platform ingests readily available information about your site that we source for you, including:

  • Half-hourly electricity data (NEM12) from your electricity retailer
  • Electricity price information from a current electricity invoice
  • Hourly solar irradiance data from nearby weather stations

Using aerial photography we configure all the commercial solar arrays that will fit on your site’s roof (and/or nearby land that you own if applicable) including the tilt and azimuth (direction) of these arrays.

The Beam Cloud then simulates over one hundred commercial solar PV and battery combinations for your site on an hourly basis for a year, from zero commercial solar panels and batteries, to the theoretical maximum commercial solar solution available. This simulation calculates the capital cost, annual savings and return from each commercial solar system – giving you a detailed and thorough business case to help your business make the best decision when it comes to investing in commercial solar.

You can view a summary of results for the site in question, ranked from best to worst, and drill down to see just how each commercial solar system would impact your site’s energy use and costs on an annual, monthly, daily and hourly basis.

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Beam Commercial Assessment will provide you with the information you need to make a decision about installing solar and/or batteries. You'll know exactly  what sized system to get and we'll provide the business case for this in an easily  digestible format.

To start your Beam Assessment you'll need a recent electricity invoice and 12 months of electricity interval data in NEM12 format. If you don't have this, we  can help you get it from your electricity retailer." 

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