The platform for procuring solar and batteries

We've designed and tested the Beam Market process to ensure you have project certianty and receive the best value solution from the best suppliers in Australia.

  1. Once a decision has been made to procure commercial solar, we arrange an independent structural assessment of the relevant roof areas to confirm it can accommodate your desired system.
  2. The Event is then set up for the sites and the selected commercial solar systems to be procured. It is configured with your preferred weightings between price, quality and other criteria and any additional specific customer requirements.
  3. The event starts and suppliers are notified via the platform. All suppliers on the Beam Commercial Solar platform are pre-qualified based on certifications, experience, example projects, referees and financial health.
  4. Suppliers complete the mandatory site inspection walk-through hosted by Beam or a partner as scheduled in the platform.
  5. Suppliers complete an Auction Qualification questionnaire that includes proposed equipment specifications, warranties, design and installation, project documentation, safety and approvals. All responses are scored and weighted for reverse auction ranking.
  6. Lastly, shortlisted suppliers participate in a live reverse auction with automatic extension in the Beam Commercial Solar platform. Suppliers are ranked based on both price and questionnaire response weighting, with the best ranked supplier at the end of the reverse auction being awarded the contract.

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