Project management and Owner’s Engineer services will be delivered by Beam’s expert partners, sub-contracted to Beam Energy Labs, and can be bundled into supplier’s offered prices rather than paying for them prior to paying the supplier. I.e. these costs can be included in the final capital cost from the successful supplier.

Owner’s Engineer

  • Review detailed design works submitted by the Supplier
  • Review and provide advice around deviations from the Supplier’s Event submission
  • Set the schedule with you on milestones and key physical QA points
  • Provide interface between your safety management system/personnel and the Supplier. Weekly updates on progress to client
  • Random inspections of Supplier’s work during installation period
  • Build a defect register and confirm rectifications based on inspections
  • Schedule regular meetings between supplier and site representative and get information from the Supplier about next week’s activities
  • Review any deviations in design and advise client as and when required
  • Review handover documentation and provide defects/deviations register
  • Facilitate dispute resolutions during defects period

Monitoring and M&V

  • Establish benchmark for system performance
  • Monitor system and identify when system is deviating from benchmark performance for 12 months
  • Coordinate Supplier and on-site staff to facilitate safe and fast rectification works