The Right Process for understanding and buying solar

Step 1

Our cloud Assessment platform ingests your electrcity meter data, electricity prices, solar irradiance data and we map the solar potential of your roof.

Step 2

Beam Assessment simulates hundreds of solar/battery combinations, with costs and benefits, so you can choose the best system for your needs.

Step 3

When you’re ready to procure solar, we run a weighted reverse auction on the Beam Market to ensure you get the best value and quality available.

Step 4

Suppliers on our Market platform have been through a rigorous registration process to ensure you receive quality, value and reliability.



Assessing your commercial solar needs is not as simple as reading your energy bill. Our advanced cloud-based platform ingests readily available information about your site that we source for you, including:

The Beam Cloud then simulates all solar PV and battery combinations for your site on an hourly basis for a year, from zero to maximum solar. This simulation calculates the capital cost, annual savings and return from each system – giving you a detailed business case to help your business make the best decision when it comes to investing in commercial solar.

Why Assessment?

When you’re ready to procure commercial solar PV and/or batteries for your sites, we run an automated online reverse auction process to ensure you get the best value and quality available. Your project can be a capital investment, power purchase agreement or lease.

Suppliers participate in a live reverse auction with automatic extension in the Beam Market platform. Suppliers are ranked based on both price and questionnaire response weighting, with the best ranked supplier at the end of the reverse auction being awarded the contract.

Why Market?

How does Beam Commercial Compare?

Beam Commercial is here to disrupt the way solar PV and batteries are assessed and procured. Who benefits from our approach: You (the customer), the solar installers, and the environment.

Our sophisticated platform not only procures a range of offers on solar PV and battery systems but provides you with detailed analysis of the costs involved, savings to be made and the return on investment. Here’s how Beam Commercial compares with the status quo:

What you get
for your money
Assess feasibility and business case for rooftop solar and batteries
  • No. solar/battery cases modelled
1 >100
  • Results and recommendations
Static report (pdf) Dynamic online platform
  • Time to complete assessment
Weeks Seconds
  • Accuracy of capital cost
Estimate Guaranteed
  • Typical cost of service ($)
Thousands Hundreds
Procure solar and/or battery system on selected sites
  • Suppliers participating
Arbitrary Pre-registered and qualified
  • Procurement process
Slow, painful, subjective
opaque, desktop and a shambles
Rapid, systematic, objective
transparent, cloud and auditible
  • Supplier selection
Price only Weighted reverse auction
  • Contract negotiation
Additional time and money Integrated into process
  • Typical cost of service ($)
10% of contract value ~5% of contract value