Assessing your commercial solar needs is not as simple as reading your energy bill. Our advanced cloud-based platform ingests readily available information about your site that we source for you, including:

  • Half-hourly electricity data (NEM12) from your electricity retailer
  • Electricity price information from a current electricity invoice
  • Hourly solar irradiance data from nearby weather stations

Using aerial photography we configure all the commercial solar arrays that will fit on your site’s roof (and/or nearby land that you own if applicable) including the tilt and azimuth (direction) of these arrays.

The Beam Cloud then simulates over one hundred commercial solar PV and battery combinations for your site on an hourly basis for a year, from zero commercial solar panels and batteries, to the theoretical maximum commercial solar solution available. This simulation calculates the capital cost, annual savings and return from each commercial solar system – giving you a detailed and thorough business case to help your business make the best decision when it comes to investing in commercial solar.

You can view a summary of results for the site in question, ranked from best to worst, and drill down to see just how each commercial solar system would impact your site’s energy use and costs on an annual, monthly, daily and hourly basis.

Why Assessment?

When you’re ready to procure commercial solar PV and/or energy storage for your sites, we run an automated online reverse auction process to ensure you get the best value and quality available. Your project can be a capital investment, power purchase agreement or lease.

  1. Once a decision has been made to procure commercial solar, we arrange an independent structural assessment of the relevant roof area to confirm it can accommodate your desired system.
  2. The Event is then set up for the sites and the selected commercial solar systems to be procured. It is configured with your preferred weightings between price, quality and other criteria and any additional specific customer requirements.
  3. The event starts and vendors are notified via the platform. All vendors on the Beam Commercial Solar platform are pre-qualified based on certifications, experience, example projects, referees and financial health.
  4. Vendors complete the mandatory site inspection walk-through hosted by Beam or a partner as scheduled in the platform.
  5. Vendors complete an Auction Qualification questionnaire that includes proposed equipment specifications, warranties, design and installation, project documentation, safety and approvals. All responses are scored and weighted for reverse auction ranking.
  6. Lastly, shortlisted vendors participate in a live reverse auction with automatic extension in the Beam Commercial Solar platform. Vendors are ranked based on both price and questionnaire response weighting, with the best ranked vendor at the end of the reverse auction being awarded the contract.
Why Market?

How does Beam Commercial Compare?

Beam Commercial is here to disrupt the way solar PV and batteries are assessed and procured.

Who benefits from our approach: You (the customer), the solar installers, and the environment.

Our sophisticated platform not only procures a range of offers on solar PV and battery systems but provides you with detailed analysis around the costs involved, the return on investment, and the long and short-term savings to be made. Here’s how Beam Commercial compares with the status quo:

Deliverable Traditional Approach Beam Commercial
Assess feasibility and business case for rooftop solar and batteries > $5,000/site < $1,000/site
  • No. solar/battery cases modelled
1 >100
  • Results and recommendations
Static report (pdf) Dynamic online platform
  • Time to complete assessment
Weeks Seconds
  • Accuracy of capital cost
Estimate Guaranteed
Procure solar and/or battery system on selected sites > $20,000 < $10,000
  • Sourcing process
Paper based RFP Weighted Rev. Auction
  • Vendor selection
Arbitrary Pre-qualified
  • Contract negotiation
Additional Integrated

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