Want to build beautiful products and change the world through renewable energy? Sydney based startup with exciting opportunities in the energy sector.

We are focused on empowering consumers to invest in solar and energy storage for their homes and businesses with the Beam smart meter and Beam App. We’re a small team, you’ll be number 5! We value experimentation, creativity, risk-taking and collaboration.


We need an exceptional, multi-faceted software engineer that is willing to learn and start to act autonomously. You’ll be working with our team of energy engineers and software developers to deliver our vision for Australia’s energy future


  • Learning everything software at Beam
  • Working with and learning from our CTO
  • Working out of the Fishburners startup hub located at Wynyard


If you know some, great. If not, no stress, as the right candidate will pick them up quickly:

  • AWS backend
    • API Gateway
    • Lambda with NodeJs
    • Lambda with Clojure
    • DynamoDB for data storage
    • S3 for file storage
    • Cognito for User Identity and Access Management
    • HashiCorp Terraform for updating the infrastructure
  • Devices
    • Swift for iPhones
    • Kotlin for Android
    • Javascript (AngularJs and jQuery) for Websites
  • Hardware
    • c++ firmware, embedded devices, IoT and micro-controllers
    • It’s unlikely you’ll be doing much device programming at the start

Starting salary of $40k-50k + super and the opportunity to earn equity once you earn your stripes.


This is the full list of tools that you’ll learn on the job, but at a minimum we are looking for the following in a candidate:


  • Most importantly we’re looking for a good fit for our tightnit little team:
  • Hardworking and focused: in a team and solo environment
  • Excited about the renewable energy revolution
  • Love technology and thirsty for new challenges in general
  • Prepared to make mistakes and learn from them


  • University graduate and/or real world experience programming in any language.
  • Our preference is having some Java based language and Javascript experience.
  • Bonus marks for Clojure (JVM) and NodeJs (Javascript)
  • Some experience with mobile development in either Swift or Android.
  • Front end javascript experience with either React, Angular, VueJs ideal, but not required
  • Proof of competency, clear and organized code on Github
  • You will have a Github repository (or Bitbucket) with a full profile filled out
  • Your projects will have a complete README, well formatted and with detailed instructions of how to run locally. Big bonus marks for using Docker! Where possible, you will have a running demo of the code online (check out Heroku or free tier on AWS)
  • AWS experience and competency
  • Our backend is all on AWS, so it’s important to have some proven experience with using * * Cognito (in particular) in conjunction with API Gateway and Lambda.


Apply through LinkedIn