Power Purchase Agreements and Reverse Auctions

Something you may have missed over the last year or two is the amazing drop in prices of solar PV and battery systems across the world. As someone once said “Just when you thought prices couldn’t go any lower…”, well they did, by a lot, and repeatedly! To give you an idea, here are some examples of solar contracts signed over the last few years:

Why Solar is a Better Investment Than Your Mortgage

If you’ve been considering investing your savings in shares, in banked savings or in your mortgage, now might be the time to think twice. Rising energy prices around the country, paired with the modest returns from other savings and investment options makes solar energy a smarter place to put your funds.

Exciting Things are Happening at Beam

Australians are making record investments in solar energy this year, and with the rising energy prices, is it any wonder? In 2017, more homes and businesses are turning to renewable energy to help lower their energy costs and reduce their impact on the environment. In fact, this year, over $100 million is being invested in solar each month, across Australian homes and businesses.