The Beam device

device with current transformer, button, light and antenna labelled.

Beam device could not find my network

image of app stating that no networks were found

If the app cannot find your home wifi network it likely means that your Beam device is not within range of your wifi network.

First see if you can see your wifi network on your mobile device while satnding next to the Beam device (standing next to your electricity meter).

Ensure that the antenna is correctly fitted to the Beam device.

Try going through the 'GET STARTED' process again.

If these steps don't fix the problem, you might need to invest in a wifi extender to increase the range of your wifi network.

My address is not found

image of app stating that address not found

If you cannot find your address in the drop-down list, please contact Beam on the email below.

I don't know what my wifi network password is

image of app asking for network password

You can often find your wifi network password on a sticker attached to the back of your router. Here is an example of what that sticker might look like.

image of wifi ssid and password sticker

In this example, the wifi network password is `dog-duck-horse`.

Alternatively, you can ascertain your password by connecting directly to your router/modems settings. If this seems daunting, contact Beam via the email below and we will organise a technician to come to assist.

My Beam app is not showing me new data

image of Beam app home screen

Were there any recent changes to your network?

Did your ISP (Internet Service Provider) upgrade or make any changes to your router/modem?

Could your router/modem have had a password change recently?

Try re-connecting your Beam device to your network. You can do this via the 'Provision Beam device' in the app settings.

What do the lights mean?

light pink flash

The pink flash means that Beam device is running and trying to send data to Beam's cloud.

light light blue flash

The slow blue flash means the Beam device is ready for you to connect via your phone's wifi.

light light blue flash

The quick light blue flashing means the Beam device is trying to connect to your wifi.

light green flash

Don't blink or you will miss it. The green light flashes briefly once the device has successfully connected to your wifi network.

light red flash

The red light flashes briefly if the Beam device has not been able to connect to your wifi after one minute of trying.

Typically when you connect the Beam device to your wifi network, it will connect and flash green after 5-10 seconds. If this has not happened you might need to try connecting again.