Beam app and smart meter

Beam have developed the Beam smart meter and Beam app, which together can help you to determine your energy use patterns and decide upon the best solar system for you. Our algorithms have been developed by solar engineers who understand the energy market. We want to make a difference to your energy costs and help Australia to secure its energy future with reliable and affordable power.

Furthermore, Beam makes purchasing solar simple and fast (or slow if you would prefer to take your time). Once you choose to buy, we organise all of the details to get your new solar system installed.

How does Beam work?

Step one

Order a Beam device. Beam will organise for one of our installation partners to install your smart meter into your meter box.

Step two

Download the Beam App from the App Store or the Google Play store. Using the app you connect the Beam device to your home wifi network. This enables the Beam device to connect to the internet and send back the data that we need to optimise your solar.

Step three

We model the full range of solar systems that are suitable for your home. This includes very small systems and very large systems. You get to see how each system is going to perform on your home based on your energy data. Explore different solar and battery options and then choose the one that best suits your needs - no pushy sales techniques. You can also select to have a consultation and discuss the options in more detail.

Step four

From here, we handle the rest. Beam organises all of the details of your install from network approval through to claiming your government rebates.

Beam has partnered with Shinehub to deliver our solar and battery solutions. Shinehub provide personalised order tracking where customers can approve their order, make payments, upload site photos, select dates for installation all through an online portal.

What is a smart meter?

Have you ever wondered how much your energy use patterns affect your electricity prices? Imagine trying to work out just how much solar your family will need, based on what times of the day you use the most power, how much power you’ll be able to store, and what you’ll make from feeding excess power back into the grid. It’s enough to make your head hurt.

A smart meter is a digital device which measures both your energy usage and your usage patterns and then communicates this back to Beam. The Beam device is so much more than that. By capturing this key data, and calculating your home’s specific needs, the Beam smart meter can determine the optimum solar system your household will need, how much it will cost, and how much money you will save by switching to solar! Through the Beam app you can explore various system sizes and determine the optimum for you. Then order directly from the app or request a consultation and we will set up a time to discuss.

How do I get my smart meter?

If you’ve been considering solar power for your home, then it’s time to register for your Beam smart meter device. Don’t choose a solar and battery system that’s not right for you. Get on board now with the Beam smart meter and app, and you could be enjoying solar before you know it! Just click ORDER NOW button below.