How much will solar save me?

You can now easily purchase a system that will result in your electricity bill being zero dollars each month. In many cases the power company will be paying you each month.

How is the Beam device free?

We are providing the Beam device for free for early registrants and we would like to keep it free for everyone going forward.

Our approach is this. You get a Beam device for free and see whether solar makes sense for you. If you choose to buy solar or a battery and you choose to buy through Beam, then you get the benefit of our detailed analysis and accurate system sizing. You are always free to speak to any other solar installer and get your system installed by them. They just might not provide the same level of analysis that Beam does. No matter what you choose, you get to keep the Beam device, can use our app and get other associated benefits no matter which way you go.

When is Beam device going to ship?

We have received some devices for testing and we have ordered more. These will arrive towards the end of 2017 and we will progressively be ramping up production volumes.

Who are Beam’s installation partners?

Beam uses various partners to install the Beam device. We try and have partners that can install Beam devices across the country. In some areas we are not quite there yet. In those cases there may be an installation fee or you may need to get your Beam device installed yourself :(

Who will be installing my solar?

Beam has partnered with Certified Solar Installers to deliver our solar and battery solutions. Our installers provide personalised order tracking where customers can approve their order, make payments, upload site photos, select dates for installation all online.

I already have a smart meter; can I use the Beam app with my existing data?

Yes you can. Please send us an email with your details. Name, email, address and phone number and we will get back you with information about how to access your smart meter data and get going on the Beam app. The nice thing about using your existing smart meter data is that you will already have a long history of data (normally two years).

Email us:

I already have solar; is the Beam device still useful?

Yes. If you already have solar then the Beam device will allow you to keep an eye on your system. But also, the biggest benefit, is that via the Beam app you will get information about whether you should also buy a battery and what size battery to get.

How does the Beam device and App work?

See our video explainer and read more about how our platform works here.

What does Beam do with my data?

Beam protects your data every step of the way and keeps it private. Our full privacy policy can be viewed here.

Can I download my data?

We are working on this feature and will make it available if enough people show interest in this. Get get in touch if you would like this feature. Email us:

Can I use the Beam device if I rent?

Beam is working on some solutions that are suitable for renters, but at this stage the Beam device is better suited to those people that can invest in solar for their own home.