The app and smart meter
transforming your energy costs

  • See how much power you’re using and when
  • Know what solar and batteries will do to your power bill
  • View recommended systems and how they stack up
  • Tailor this to suit your needs and budget
  • Get your solar and battery system straight from the app

Using the Beam app and Smart Meter

Step 1

Order a Beam Device and have it installed in your home or office meter box.

Step 2

Connect the device to your wifi network using the Beam app (it's quick and easy).

Step 3

Within a few days see detailed power usage costs, predictions and recommendations.

Step 4

See how solar and battery systems affect your usage and find the perfect system for you.

If you don’t understand your energy needs, how can you know if solar is a sound investment?

Like many Australians, you might be thinking about switching to solar to reduce your energy bills. However, without understanding your energy needs, it’s impossible to know if solar is a good investment.

At Beam, we’ve developed an app and smart meter, which can help you to understand how your household is using energy, and how you can benefit from solar and batteries.

Don’t solar installers just use their best guess and it's hard to work out which recommendation to trust?

Most solar installers do not have access to the right data to recommend the optimum solution for your needs.

The first thing you need to know is how much your power is currently costing you. That’s why we built our app to show exactly how much you have spent on power.

Once we know how much power you are using, and how much solar you could potentially install, we calculate the optimum solar and battery solution for you. All you need to do is explore and take your pick.

But aren’t batteries still too expensive?

Batteries make sense if you know the right size for your needs. Determining the size of the solar and battery system you need is tricky. It depends on when your household is using power, and how much electricity your solar will generate.

We have scoured the market to identify the best value solar and battery packages available. This takes the complexity out of selecting a system.

But all the rebates have come off so solar won’t save me any money?

At the end of the day, it all boils down to saving you money. If you can do something that is good for future generations and save money at the same time, then why not?

For all our recommended solutions, you see up front how much you are going to save with each solar package. Solar makes sense for everyone with an excellent return on investment.

Payback period is such a simple way to work out whether solar makes sense to you. For every solution we show you how long the payback period will be. Increase the system size and see how this affects payback period. Take your time and get comfortable with the investment. Decision making made simple.

Get Your Smart Meter

The Beam app and device will answer these questions for you, and more, so that you can make the best investment decision when it comes to solar.

Don’t play guessing games when it comes to your energy needs. Register for your Beam device today.

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