We’ve developed a revolutionary smart meter and app, which is set to take the Australian energy market by storm.

For too long, Australians have been suffering with ever-increasing energy prices, and there seems to be no end in sight.

It is astounding that we, the ‘lucky country’ still have an energy market which is unstable, unreliable and unaffordable for many people.

Our team of engineers have put their heads together to come up with a solution – a smart meter and app – which will turn the energy market on its head.

The Beam Vision

The future we see is one where Australians and businesses own their own low-cost and reliable power generation systems. We see a future where your electricity price only ever comes down and Australia’s electricity costs become the cheapest in the world through the adoption of solar power.

Australia’s power system, the system that we have used for the last century, is ready for a shake-up.

Beam was born by merging the disciplines of energy efficiency and solar power systems. We believe that the world’s electricity supply revolution will start in Australia and we are motivated to see this happen, and to reduce your power costs in the process.

With the dramatic reduction in the cost of solar and batteries, people can now choose energy independence. Like many Australians have already done, you too can stop relying on outdated and expensive traditional energy sources like coal and gas, and join the solar revolution.

Beam app and smart meter

Beam have developed the Beam smart meter and Beam app, which together can help you to determine your energy use patterns and decide upon the best solar system for you. Furthermore, Beam also helps you to choose a solar installer, and organise the installation of your new solar system.

Our algorithms have been developed by some seriously clever engineers, who understand the energy market, and are just as passionate about saving on energy costs as you are! At Beam, we want to make a difference to your energy prices and help Australia to secure its energy future with reliable, affordable power.

How do I get my smart meter?

If you’ve been considering solar power for your home, then it’s time to register for your Beam smart meter device. Don’t choose a system that’s not right for you. Get on board now with the Beam smart meter and app, and you could be enjoying solar before you know it!

Get Your Smart Meter

The Beam app and device will answer these questions for you, and more, so that you can make the best investment decision when it comes to solar.

Don’t play guessing games when it comes to your energy needs. Register for your Beam device today.

Order your Beam Smart Meter today and we'll
arrange installation by a certified electrician.

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