Beam Commercial

Our platform helps businesses like
yours assess and procure solar and batteries

  • We use big data to simulate the financial impact of every sized solar/battery system at your site
  • You decide what sized system, if any, is right for your business
  • We put your chosen system and preferences on the Beam Commercial Market
  • Registered vendors compete for your project in a weighted reverse auction, ensuring quality, value and speed

Two problems: Two solutions.

You want to know if you should get solar for your site. What’s the return on my investment? Batteries?

Beam Commercial Assessment will answer these questions – instantly. We take your electricity use data and an invoice and use Beam’s AI to show you the best sized systems for your site and the business case for these.

You want to get solar and/or batteries installed. Which vendors to choose? How to compare value?

Beam Commercial Market will secure you the best value system from a trusted vendor. We put your project on our platform and registered vendors compete in a weighted reverse auction to deliver your project.

Results of recent Beam Commercial Market Events


Beam Commercial Market ensures only licensed, qualified, experienced, reputable and financially sound vendors are competing to deliver your project.

To become a Beam Commercial vendor please visit our Vendor’s page

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Beam Commercial Assessment will provide you with the information you need to make a decision about installing solar and/or batteries. You'll know exactly  what sized system to get and we'll provide the business case for this in an easily  digestible format.

To start your Beam Assessment you'll need a recent electricity invoice and 12 months of electricity interval data in NEM12 format. If you don't have this, we  can help you get it from your electricity retailer." 

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